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TKK Selected Excellence in CSR Top 100

TKK Selected CommonWealth Magazine Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Top 100

The 2015 Corporate CSR Award of CommonWealth Magazine was different from previous years. In the past, CommonWealth Magazine used to select top 50 companies from large, medium and foreign enterprises. In 2015, small enterprises with annual revenue less than five billion were also included in the evaluation and the total number of selected enterprises was increased to 100.

It is not easy to meet the Corporate CSR Award qualifications. First, the enterprises have to make profit for three consecutive years, and then they have to be examined in four dimensions of corporate governance, corporate commitment, community involvement and environmental protection.

The expansion of CSR Award distribution will also make an influence on various fields. Among the selected enterprises, there were 50 large enterprises, 15 medium enterprises, 15 foreign enterprises, and 20 small enterprises.

(Excerpted and translated from CommonWealth Magazine 2015 No.579)

NOTE: CommonWealth Magazine is a well-known political-economic magazine run by professional journalists.